Neo’ started in Rome – Italy in 2007 when Rosanna Contadini, a former ceramic designer, discovers neoprene yarn while searching for new materials.
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Neoprene yarn is velvety, flexible, smooth and pleasant to touch. Products made with it feel soft and silky, in complete contrast with its robust appearance and intense colors.

Sourcing the best Italian raw material, Neo manufactures high-end objects for the home and personal accessories, which are knitted, crocheted, woven, simply plaited, twisted or knotted. Design ideas come from many things: natural forms and everyday objects, found in travels around the world, inspire the shape and the colors of each piece that fuses sophistication, durability and a modern aesthetic.

Neo’ is a company with a philosophy that focuses on creating timeless, exclusive items that are easy to care and made to last. Each product is entirely handmade in Italy, using traditional techniques and processes, relying completely on the skills of a group of local artisans.

By choosing to use methods from a time long past, Neo has revived the beauty, quality and artistic talent of craftsmanship that many wish was evident in more modern day products. Each piece is truly made with care to ensure its excellence and integrity. Slight size variations contribute to its beauty and uniqueness.